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Women's Tops for Christmas at the Office with Style!


If we had to summarize all kinds of social events, celebrations and parties that will have participate in the coming weeks, with more or less joy!, we can reduce the list to three: office party, Christmas with the family and New Year Eve party. Each requires a different dress code, a different inspi...

BahbariGaon · Assam January 12, 2017

The benefits of wearing Women's Long Sleeve Tops


The long sleeve top is a beautiful top for women. The top is more worn when going to the office because any long sleeve top is tagged #an office dress or rather a corporate wear which is suitable for work. Although, long sleeve in some countries are worn to cover mild cold and not severe cold during...

Amguri · Assam January 12, 2017

Off Shoulder Look, A Statement In Fashion


The Off Shoulder( fashion first appeared in the mid-eighteen hundreds. The ladies of that time had a desire to show off a little shoulder skin during the warm summer days. Ladies in the Royal courts of Europe began showing up to Gala Affairs wearing the off shoulder d...

Biswanath · Assam January 5, 2017

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