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Published date: March 31, 2016


Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring – A Dazzling Alternative Split shank diamond rings are beautiful. They convey message of individuality and style within the rather conservative design division of diamond engagement rings. There are many types of split shanks but their specific appearance is defined by the way they present the diamond. While the classic solitaire diamond rings aim to show as little metal as possible so the diamond look suspended on the finger, the split shank is more like a frame to the stone.

If the split is wide enough, the skin of the finger serves as background for the diamond. Split shanks can have more than two segments. This requires diamond with substantial size and/or elongated shape. Marquise cut diamond of about 2ct for example makes very delicate, yet strong 3 segment split shank with the middle segment sometime going under the diamond. Multi segment split shanks are usually set with diamonds.

Palladium and platinum are the right media for such designs since the pave is further weakening the delicate bands and using rigid metal is a must. Elegance and femininity are emanated even from minimalistic plain designs and they are the perfect style to compliment long elegant fingers. Because it is not single shank but rather structure of two or more shanks the average split shank is much stronger than average classic solitaire. Most split shank diamond engagement rings are not suitable for pairing with wedding band and even if the design allow proper fit of the band on its side, the combination grossly affects its visual balance.

Good split shank design is an aesthetic statement that needs its space. I am often pondering the question why the engagement and wedding rings have to be worn on the same finger. It is pity to put so much effort in creating delicate aesthetically balanced diamond ring , only to garnish it for life with unexciting band. But may be this is just me. The lower popularity of split shanks as opposed to classic diamond engagement rings lies in the requirement for substantial size diamond, thus reducing the pool of potential buyers to the fortunate few who can afford it.

If your choice of diamond however is marquise, elongated baguette or any other elongated shape, there is no better setting than the split shank. It combines the symbolic properties of the classic solitaire and the high decorative impact of a stylish dress ring. Using precious stones is another way of getting an impressive split shank design without spending a fortune.

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